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Hi , in this we have provided information and calculations for you which can be useful for you to select the offers.For eg. if you are going to put a rate cutter of 98 Rupees we tell you , with how much recharge you can be benefited and utilize that 98 Rupees completely.This is only a example , we have already calculated these kinds of things for many rate cutters and recharge offers.And will publish them periodically.
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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rate cutters in Vodafone for Tamilnadu

Common Full talk time recharges

Recharge with Vodafone anywhere in India and get full talk time with zero validity on the following etop up recharges:

RC 351: Get full talk time of Rs 312.39 and Zero Validity.

RC 501: Get full talk time of Rs 445.89 and Zero Validity.

RC 1001: Get full talk time of Rs 890.89 and Zero Validity.

Validity Plus for 1 – year validity subs:

Validity Plus an exclusive offer only for one year validity subs.
Now with the Validity plus offer on doing a validity recharge, you will get the validity of the recharge over and above the existing validity on your prepaid card. For e.g. on recharging with RC102 get Rs 12 talktime and 1 year validity plus the existing validity of your prepaid card. Your call rates will remain same.

Bonus Recharges
Bonus Recharge 11 Local calls @ 99p / min. Available only for Lifetime Validity RC999 customers.
Bonus Recharge 15 Recharge with Bonus 15 to enjoy free 60 minutes of local Vodafone – to – Vodafone calls from 10pm to 8am for 30 days
Bonus Recharge 19 Unlimited Vodafone Mobile Connect (internet) browsing for 24 hours
Bonus Recharge 36 Buy the Bonus Recharge worth Rs 36 and enjoy calls to local Vodafone phones @ 39p/min and calls to mobile phones @ 59p/min. The call benefits are applicable for a period of 30 days from recharge.
Bonus Recharge 45 Calls to Vodafone mobile phones in Tamil Nadu @ 15p / min
Bonus Recharge 55 Free 500 national SMS for a month.
Bonus Recharge 59 Calls to Vodafone mobile phones @ 30p /min Calls to other mobile phones @ 49p /min STD to mobile phones @ Rs 1.50 / min
Bonus Recharge 61 Get 750 local SMS free per day for a period of 30days from the date of recharge
Bonus Recharge 65 Calls to Vodafone mobile phones in Tamil Nadu @ 10p / min
Bonus Recharge 98 Calls to Vodafone mobile phones in Tamil Nadu @ 10p/min, other TN mobiles @ 49p/min, STD to Vodafone numbers @ Re 1/min and STD to mobiles @ Rs 1.50/min
Bonus Recharge 125 Calls to Vodafone mobile phones in Tamil Nadu @ 10p/min, other TN mobiles @ 49p/min, STD across India @ Re 1/min for 30 days from recharge

All Bonus Recharges are applicable for a period of 30 days from date of recharge. You need to recharge with the Bonus Recharge at the end of 30 days to continue enjoying the plan.

This offer cannot be clubbed with any existing offer.

To check whether the bonus benefit is applicable on your plan, SMS Bonus to 111

To check the validity of your Bonus SMS BVAL to 111.

To activate bonus through SMS, send ACT BONUS to 111. For recharge, the amount of bonus will be deducted from the talktime balance. Applicable Bonus for recharge through SMS are; Bonus36, Bonus45, Bonus59, Bonus 65, Bonus98 and Bonus 125.

Great deals on recharge
Recharge with Rs 299 & Rs 498
Now you don't have to do multiple Chinna recharge. Recharge with Rs 299 and get talktime worth Rs 266.11 with zero validity. Or recharge with Rs 498 and get full talktime of Rs 443.22 and zero validity

Recharge with Rs 888
Recharge with Rs 888 and get talktime worth Rs 666 with 6 months validity

Recharge with Rs99
Recharge with Rs 99 and get talktime of Rs.10 and one month validity. Also enjoy local calls at 99p/min.

Chennai at local rates
Enjoy the local calls & SMS rates applicable in TN, while roaming in Chennai as well. This facility is activated by default for all customers in TN. Now, Vodafone customers in TN can also do an eTopUp while roaming in Chennai.

Chinna Recharge
Now you don't have to worry about running out of balance before the month ends. You can recharge for as low as Rs 10. The Chinna Recharge card is available in denominations ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 199.

All India calls @ Re 1
Call anywhere in the country for just Re 1 by simply refilling your phone with a monthly recharge coupon of Rs 899. Plus you get talktime worth Rs 535 and 30 days validity.

Lifelong Prepaid @ Rs 251
Now you no longer have to worry about losing your validity, with the new Lifelong Prepaid @ Rs 251 offer. Here´s what you get:

Lifelong free incoming calls

Talktime of Rs 10

Local calls @ 99p/min

STD calls @ Rs 2.75/min

Local SMS @ 50p/SMS

To keep yourself mobile, all you need to do is recharge with Rs 200, every 6 months


Connection will be permanently deactivated if you don't recharge with Rs 200 for any continuous period of 6 months

Talk Campus 295

Recharge with Rs 295 and get talktime of Rs 75 along with 30 days validity. Recharge and enjoy:

Calls to local Vodafone phones (TN & Chennai) @ 30p/min

Family & Friends - Calls to 3 local numbers in TN(excluding Chennai) @ 10p / min

STD calls to Vodafone mobile phones @ Re 1 / min

STD calls to other mobiles @ Rs 1.50 / min

National SMS at 25p

International SMS at Rs 3

Bonus recharge packs cannot be combined with this offer.

Vodafone @ Re 1

Call any Vodafone number across India @ Re 1/min. At a monthly rental of just Rs 25. . Available on selected plans only.
To activate, call Vodafone Care anytime at 111 (toll free)

Handset Bundle Offers
Grab cool handsets at amazing prices along with a complete Vodafone bundle.The benefits available are:
Lifelong validity
Rs 10 talktime

Local mobile and landline bonus

Local Vodafone calls at 10p/min

Tariff Benefit will be available for 30 days after 24 hours from date of activation

MRP Rs 65

Night Bonus Card( detailed explanation)

60 local Vodafone mins free from 10pm-8am

Free minutes are valid for 30 days from 31st day of activation

MRP Rs 15

Vodafone Alerts

Regional & National News

Facility will be available for 30 days from 62nd day of activation

Caller tune activation + 1 free caller tune Validity 30 days

Facility will be available for 30 days, after 48 hours from date of activation

Worth Rs 45


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